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Make Guest WiFi your best Marketing tool

Generate Ad Revenue

Increase your Sales


More New Customers, More Returning Customers,


More Positive Reviews

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BrandPort WiFi – Your Best Marketing Tool

Earn advertising revenue from your Free Wifi Network

Collect data from social profiles

Bring in new customers

Increase repeat visits of customers

Build your customer database with intelligent insights

Identify your regular customers

Earn more revenue from existing customers

Collect guest feedback to serve them better

Generate more reviews for your venue

Venues that we work with

Restaurants & Cafe

Amusement Centers

Coffee Shops


Shisha Parlors


Night Clubs



Movie Theaters

Event Venues


Generate Ad Revenue and Client Leads With Our Social Powered Wi-Fi Solution!

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We help you

make more money

WiFi Marketing

With the ‘Rise of the Smartphone’, consumers want to stay connected at all time.

Providing free Wi-Fi will generate real leads, build your email list, increase customer loyalty and engagement as well as improve your social media presence.

We make it easy!

Use custom branded login pages to cater to your consumers, all while retargeting clients online after they leave your business.


Offer free Wi-Fi in exchange for connecting with Social Media.

Run social powered Wi-Fi and create sponsorship opportunities for your business.

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