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Setup a New 

Revenue Stream

Does offering free wifi make you money… now it can

Monitise your Wifi network

Convert Guest Wifi from a Cost to a Revenue Source

Earn Ad revenue from your Wifi by selling ad space banners, video ads and page redirects on your network

Add sponsored content on Landing pages

Cross-promote your own products and businesses

Do barter deals and gain visibility on networks of complementary

businesses that serve similar customers

Build a client database and turn analytics data gathered into a potential revenue stream

You can even make your wifi a paid network and charge for high-speed connectivity


Increase Revenue

and Profitability


Convert new customers to repeat customers

Engage new customers from the moment they leave your store – send feed back requests, review requests, personal greetings and custom offers

Increase revenue per guest through Realtime Marketing

Increase order size

Engage your guests and shoppers while they are still in your venue

Send real-time messages and e-mails based on demographic and segmentation data – age, gender, number of return visits, location and dwell time

Send them instant offers, live promotions and redemptions to incentives conversions and upsell offers

Make them feel special and make them feel you know and care for them and get them to act while they are still at your venue

Improve Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Engage - Send custom offers and promotions, birthday greetings, special occasion greetings

Loyalty coupons and announcements - all customized to their preference and behavior

Super Charge

Your Marketing


Build your customer database 

Customers are the lifeline for your business.

Generate a reliable and up to date email marketing database

Automated Data Capture -

No extra effort of filling forms, collecting business cards, or creating excel sheets

As soon as guests log into your WiFi, all contact details are captured and automatically entered into your database.

Improve social media visibility 

Become a part of your guests social networks


Visibility on the Social Media network of customers is one of the best free publicity available online. Increase Brand awareness, Top of Mind recall and Loyalty.


When guests login they are directed to your social media pages and requested for a ‘Like’ or a ‘Follow’ on their preferred Social media accounts.

Dramatically improve ROI of

Online and Offline Marketing

Create customer segments and make your marketing and communications more relevant.


Target relevant communication to select subsets of customers armed with the customer insights you have.


Know your customer profiles and pick online platforms they are most engaged with.


Use customer profile data for retargeting campaigns on social media


Create like audience campaigns on FB, Instagram and Google.


Track the effectiveness of your digital campaigns through FB Pixel


Redirect customers to your website to capture data in google analytics


Make wiser choices for your offline campaigns once you know their demographics and preferences

Actionable and Insightful Data and analytics

Build customer profiles with contact information, demographics and behavioral data


Get to “Know Your Customers” like never before


Who are they?


Where are they from?


Contact information – Email, Mobile?


Age, gender, social interests?


How often they visit you?


Analyse and filter customer profiles to understand and predict your customer behavior


See when customers visit your business how often - predict customer footfall and revenue potential


Improve efficiency of operations and customer service by analyzing and planning for peak and lean hours.

Collect Customer Feedback

Collect customer feedback through surveys and sending digital feedback forms


No need to manually collate and analyse data

Automated Email campaigns

Loyalty campaigns - Send special offers to loyal guests based on the number of visits


Bday campaigns - Send greetings and offers to guests on special occasions – Bday vouchers, discounts, reminders


Welcome back campaigns for Lapsed customers – Send offers to customers who have not visited for a while.

Build Your Online Reputation and Get More reviews

Send Review request links to customers through mail and SMS to build your review scores


Request for LIKE’s / Follows on social media at the time of login


Redirect customers to your website / special offers pages

Improve Customer Experience

No more manual passwords


Branded and rich content on login pages.


Self Login through social media


Automatic login for returning customers across all your outlets


Personalized welcome back messages

SMS Authentication for Mobile Numbers

Send Review request links to customers through mail and SMS to build your review scores

We know how important Mobile numbers can be for a customer database.


Just like “One Time Passwords” sent out by banks our platform offers and added feature of sending login passwords by SMS to guests when they attempt to login.


This authenticates the mobile numbers collected and ensures that future marketing communications reach intended recipients

Redirect customers to your website / special offers pages

Secure your




Having guests and other ‘unknown’ individuals on your network can be a security nightmare.


Cloud Control - Full access and control of User Experience and Analytics through a cloud based platform. Manage your network across multiple locations from anywhere in the world  


BrandPortWifi sets up a secure guest Wi-Fi network that is completely separate from your main Wireless LAN.


Create custom SSID’s and control traffic through a range of access levels without compromising sensitive data.


Customized T&C pages and privacy policy


GDPR compliant Wifi network


Seamless User Experience with you in control


Manage and monitor guest and staff wifi access


Blacklist or Whitelist devices


Control or Limit access as per your wifi policy – bandwith, duration of access, number of sessions, speed ….



Integration into Existing WiFi Network or into new networks


It is even possible to use some of the hardware already deployed at your venue.


Easy setup process can have individual venues and running in less than 30 minutes


location icon.png

WiFi based Location



For larger venues, talk to us to understand how BrandPortWiFi can help you track customer movements across your venues and dwell times in each location.


Access heat maps and customer journeys to better plan store layouts, plan promotion placements, identify traffic checkpoints and energize dead corners.


Review layout effectiveness with data including gender and age information.


Contactless Digital Menu – Be COVID Ready… show your guests you care.


Customers can access your menu through your wifi network.


Take online orders and even payments, even from guests at your venue

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