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BP WiFi Video IPL Page

*Terms & Conditions

•    1 Month free trial offer is limited to one device / one venue per client.
•    Offer valid till 30th September 2020 or for the first 50 customers 
•    An active internet connection has to be provided by the venue.
•    The Free offer covers the platform license fee. Hardware and cabling (if required) at the venue are not covered. 
•    Hardware to be provided by the venue. Alternatively, a security deposit of AED 500/- is payable if the hardware is provided by BrandPort. This will be refunded on the return of the hardware in un-damaged and working conditions.
•    The system is a plug and play. We will provide all guidelines for self-installation, however a cost of AED 250/- will be charged (if site visit for setup is requested by the client)
•    Initial platform setup including landing page and redirects will be done by BrandPort Marketing Free of Cost. Additional charges (if required) can be done by the client directly on the portal with the help of the DIY guides provided. 
•    Venues with very high traffic may require enterprise-level devices which the client can procure at their cost or at an additional cost payable prior to installation.
•    BrandPort Marketing LLC reserves the right to decline the free license based on the assessment of venue profile and requirements.
•    BrandPort Marketing LLC reserves the right to modify/withdraw this offer at any time.

Terms & Conditions
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