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WiFi Users Past 30 Days

This graph shows the number of UNIQUE users that have visited the venue in the past 30 days, broken down by gender information (where available) the sign in method used.


The totals in this graph DO NOT show the same user multiple times.

Repeat Vs. New Wi-Fi users

This graph shows number of users currently online and the number of unique users that have visited the venue over the last 30 days,  broken down by whether they have visited before or not.


New users are users who have never visited the venue before. Repeat users are the ones who have.

If a user has visited the venue more than once in the last 30 days, he is only counted once.


Wi-Fi Users Age Breakdown

A bar chart depicting the age range of your venue's user over the past 30 days broken down by gender.

The bar at the top of the report shows the overall percentage breakdown of males and females whilst the bar chart itself shows the count of male and female in each age range.

Clicking on a section in the bar chart will take you to a drilldown of the user details.

Social Network By Gender

This chart shows a gender breakdown against all the available social logins over the past 30 days.

Clicking on a segment of the chart will take you to a drilldown of the user details.


Wi-Fi User Demographics

Two pie charts that show the breakdown of user ages, split by gender.

Each pie chart is split into age segments showing, at a glance, the percentage age breakdown.

Segments can be toggled on and off by clicking on the key.

The count in the middle of the chart shows the number of users that fit into the enabled age ranges.

Clicking on a segment in the pie chart will take you to a drilldown of user details that fit the specified criteria.

Social Network By Age

The graph shows the user grouped by age and a breakdown of the preferred logon method within the age group.

Hovering over the age group shows the specific numbers of users

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